Scholarship Reimbursement Form
Instructions: Please read carefully
-Awards must be used within a 12-month period or funds will be voided
-Recipient must be a CDS Foothill Chapter member at the time funds are used
-Awards are non-transferable (except from parents to children under the age of 12)
-This form must be submitted with each reimbursement request
-Please submit a reimbursement request within 30 days of event (clinic, show etc.)
-Please provide receipt of expense/proof of payment to when you submit this form.
-Incomplete forms or forms without proof of expense will not be reviewed
-Please note that some scholarships specify what that particular award is to be used for
-Please allow 30 days for reimbursement to be issued.

Please review the following approved AWARD UTILIZATION prior to submitting a reimbursement.
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Equestrian educational lectures and events pertaining to dressage and horse care
USDF University Credits
Attending CDS annual meeting
Online dressage education

Please contact the scholarship committee at if you are unsure if a certain expense qualifies.
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Name of scholarship being used for reimbursement *
Year scholarship was awarded *
Scholarship reimbursement request amount *
Please describe what the funds were used for. Please email a receipt/proof of expense to when you submit this form. *
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