Radio Silence Big Bang! Ship fic and art event - Author sign up form

You're probably here because you're a reader of the comic Radio Silence! If you are a writer, you're in the right place! If you're looking to sign up as an artist, that form is here:

What is a big bang?
Generally speaking, it's a challenge where an author writes a story, and an artist is paired with them to make art that matches that story in some way!

What is the theme of this big bang?
As the stories will be posted just shy of Valentine's Day, the theme is LOVE and SHIPS! The story and art should revolve around one (or more, if you're ambitious!) pairings from Radio Silence.

How long does the fic have to be?
While I'm hesitant to set a minimum word count as it might stifle creativity, I highly encourage you to research Big Bang events for other fandoms and gauge with your own best judgement on what qualifies more as a "story" than a short drabble with no clear arc. Keep in mind that an artist would have to have enough substance in your story to choose what they'd like to draw from it.

When does the story have to be finished?
The earlier you sign up, the longer you'll have to work on it! I'm planning on approving writers' concepts as they come in - Radio Silence is, after all, a small fandom so I don't expect there will be too much difficulty in pairing writers and artists evenly. I'll be subbing in where necessary.

What pairings are acceptable for this event?
All canon ones, and all consensual pairings. Again, use your best judgement. It may be difficult to find an artist to draw for your fic if you choose an unsavoury topic (ex. Conibear/Wren) than it would be for a common ship (ex. Matt/Colbie).

Are AUs okay?
Absolutely! They are encouraged!

What if I can't complete my fic in time?
Authors can Opt Out Of Art, meaning they are still participating but they won't be paired with an artist because the material won't exist in time for the matching event (February 12). Please contact me if this is the case!

Can writers sign up to write multiple stories?
Yes! Please only do this if you are sure you can deliver what you're signing up for. You're very welcome to submit multiple ideas and ask for my opinion on which one you should go with, if that idea appeals to you.

Can writers also sign up to draw stories?
Yes! As above, please only do this if you are sure you can deliver what you're signing up for.

Important Dates:
Writer signups end: February 11
Stories are due: February 25
Artist pair ups start: February 14
Art is due: March 11
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