Research meeting: SRL in online education
What: Research meeting "SRL in online education"
When: Tuesday October 9th, 2018, 12-17 PM, including lunch and drinks
Where: Teaching Lab TU Delft

The ability to self-regulate one's learning is an important prerequisite for being successful in online education. The increased autonomy of online learning places a great demand on the ability to plan and monitor one's progress. This makes it interesting to study self-regulated learning (SRL) in online education. It is however also a complicated study topic, due to the mix of methods available (e.g., questionnaires, trace data) and the complexity of the data involved (e.g., trace data filtering). We therefore feel it would be worthwhile to bring several researchers involved in studying SRL in online education (or those interested in the topic) together.

On Tuesday October 9th 2018, we are therefore organizing a meeting on self-regulated learning (SRL) in online education. We are aiming for a small scale meeting, with lots of opportunity for discussion, sharing struggles, but also sharing best practices. Your input would be highly appreciated and we would thus like to invite you to this meeting. We will decide on the exact content, and themes we will be discussing, in collaboration with those who will be attending, to make the afternoon as fruitful and worthwhile for all as possible. We will sent out an invitation later this summer on asking for your input. This email is just an announcement and save the date.

We hope to see you there,

With kind regards,

Prof. Dr. Marcus Specht - Scientific Director CEL & Professor Learning Technologies, Welten Institute, Open Universiteit
Martine Schophuizen - PhD candidate SOONER project, Welten Institute, Open Universiteit
Renée Jansen - PhD candidate SOONER project, Utrecht University

Sponsored by the SOONER project:

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