How to Scale an Online Business
Nicholas Stoddard founder of Dart Frog Events and Antimatter Creative Labs scaled two businesses to six figures in the same year. With over 10,000 online sales, Nicholas was able to navigate the entire process from sales, data collection to product shipment and customer satisfaction.

With Covid-19 stalling 1 of the 2 companies, Nicholas has been able to leverage tech to continue to thrive throughout the Pandemic.

In this session, Nicholas will teach participants the items they need to learn and how to learn them fast and effectively to start building an effective business. The 1-hour course will leave students with information on what they must learn and the lifestyle that comes with working for yourself.

Participants should get out of this workshop the simplicity of developing a website and how they can manage their time to start teaching themselves the appropriate tools to get started. Participants will also learn where they can find free resources to obtain the knowledge needed to start building.

In our discussion we will talk about:
X code
Domains and hosting
How to manage your time
What it takes to start

Date: Thursday, October 22nd
Time: 1:00 - 2:00PM
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