PREC 507.001 Coffee with the Classics III: Science and Theology: 3 Approaches
Description: How can ancient creation narratives be understood in light of modern astrophysics? What does the experience of the founder of modern physics (Galileo) actually reveal about the relationship between science and the church? Or the experience of the founder of the Big Bang Theory (LeMaitre) reveal about the relationship between science and the state? How is religious belief still possible for scientists in the modern age? Has Cosmology become the “Religion for Intelligent atheists?” Join us on a great adventure as we journey through intellectual history exploring the relationship between science, faith and culture. Through a discussion of very brief but momentous texts, we’ll be asking ourselves deep and searching questions about the interaction of science and religious belief and about how this relationship has been portrayed, accepted and rejected in popular culture in times past and in the present day. This informal dinner seminar is directed by Penn astrophysicist and Collegium Faculty Fellow, Dr. Marisa Cristina March. We will meet for dinner and discussion Wednesdays, Mar 15, 22, and 29 at 6:00pm in Harrison House. Please contact with any questions. All dinner and texts provided.

Preceptorial Leader: Collegium Institute
Preceptorial Organizer: Sarita Jamil
Date and Time: March 15, 6 - 9 PM

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