LFP Shopping List for Pick Up
In order to facilitate curbside pickup, we are providing a short of list of basics that you can pick up at the Food Pantry.

We serve the residents of Lexington, Lincoln and Winchester. If you are a resident of another town, please contact us at lexfoodpantry@gmail.com before filling out an order form.

Please note that we will do our best to fulfill your order as placed, but based on availability, we may need to make last minute substitutions.

When you are picking up, we will make every effort to have you order ready when you arrive, but we do ask for your patience as we are all working hard under challenging circumstances.
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Pickup Time (6 Meriam St., Lexington, MA) - We will do our best to have your order ready at the pick up time you choose, but depending on how busy we are - you may have to wait a few minutes. *
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Number of Adults (18+) in your Household *
Number of Children (under age 18) in your Household *
If you have children, please list their ages
Please select below (Number of items received will be determined by the number in your household). Each household will receive an assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables based on what we have in stock.
Baked Beans (choose 1) - subject to availability *
Cereal (choose 1) *
Mac and Cheese *
Rice *
Peanut Butter (choose 1) *
Pasta (choose 1) *
Canned Fruit (choose 1 or 2) *
Prepared Meals (Meals in a Can) (choose 1) *
Canned Soup (choose 1) *
Spaghetti Sauce *
Tuna *
Canned Vegetables (choose 1 or 2) *
Misc Items
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Canned Beans (choose 1) *
Toiletries - subject to availability (choose 1) *
Freshly Prepared (Frozen) Meal *
Bread (choose 1) *
Fresh Eggs *
Comments - please limit special requests to 5 items
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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