Pentathlon Canada: 2019 Experience Survey
This is an anonymous survey open to all Pentathlon Canada members to provide their feedback on the 2019 Pentathlon Canada season.
Please select the options that best describe your participation level with Pentathlon Canada. Select all that apply.
What were your Pentathlon Canada highlights for the 2019 season?
In your opinion, what could Pentathlon Canada have improved in 2019?
Did you attend the 2019 Pentathlon Canada Nationals (May - Langley, BC)? What were your highlights? What could have been improved?
Did you attend any national or international (youth, junior, senior, masters) competitions with coaches in 2019? If so, how was your experience with the Pentathlon Canada coaches who attended with you?
How well informed do you feel about pentathlon events (example. national and international competitions, development opportunities, clinics and camps, results)? What would you improve?
Do you have any ideas on how to grow and promote, or secure support for modern pentathlon in Canada? If so, please explain.
In your opinion, how can Pentathlon Canada best work with local or provincial pentathlon organizations to promote and grow the sport?
Please rate your overall 2019 Pentathlon Canada experience (1 - very dissatisfied, 2- dissatisfied, 3 - Neutrial, 4- satisfied 5- very satisfied)
Very Dissatisfied
Very Satisfied
Clear selection
How can Pentathlon Canada improve the experiences for all members in 2020?
Please add any additional questions/comments here!
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