Freebay (free flea market)
Freebay outdoor market July 18th will start with a 7-8 am set up. We will assign you 2 parking spaces and bring you tables. You may park one vehicle in that space between 7- 8 am. Feel free to bring signage, shade tent, chairs etc. Members and FBC attendees can shop anytime.
Community members will be invited in at 11 am. Tear down will be around 2pm. Feel free to leave whenever it slows down. All items must be taken home. If clothes and shoes are left there is a collection bin in our parking lot and FHS parking lot. (Due to covid rules the bins are closed but this may relax by July.) Rain/extreme heat date is August 8th.

Please don’t advertise to the community at this time. Remember this form is for attendees of FBC.
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This is meant to be a low key Freebay event. We understand that the time of year is not ideal for many reasons. This is a temporary fix to missing the spring Freebay. One last request If you have the means please bring canned food. We plan to set up a table for those in need. Pray that the event will meet the needs of our community members that are struggling at this time. Thanks from your community outreach team.
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