ICLI Girls Sports Survey
Alhamdulillah, we had a great response from the community for the girls volleyball program this summer!

ICLI would like to gauge interest in potentially continuing to offer a girls volleyball program throughout the school year which would be designed to accommodate a larger number of participants. As with the summer session, this would be a supervised program with a volleyball coach serving as instructor / referee. Each session is expected to last around 1-1.5 hrs. 

If such a program would be of interest to you or your children, please complete the survey below. Please note that limited venue availability due to weekend schools and other events, this would be a weekday afternoon / evening program only.

The Sports Program will be for Girls 7-18 years old.
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Please enter the number of participants and their age from your household who would be interested in attending a weekday afternoon / evening girls sports program at ICLI from Sep-June (ex. 1 x 15 yrs old, 1 x 13 yrs old, etc)
What day of the week and times, starting from 5pm onwards, would your children be available to attend? Please list multiple days and times if you have availability. (ex. Mon & Wed 6-8pm, Thu 7-9pm, etc) *
We’d like to hear about what other sports our girls are interested in. Please rank the below list (including volleyball as well so we know where it falls in terms of interest). *
Not Interested
Might Attend
Would Attend
Field Hockey
Ultimate Frisbee
Any other sport we didn't mention that you're interested in?
We need volunteers to help make these sort of programs a reality. If you can help to setup, cleanup, or be present during games & events like this, please share your contact info so that we can get in touch with you to coordinate.
Please share any other feedback or comments
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