Parent Survey
The district is seeking your feedback and evaluation of 4th quarter distance learning. In order to prepare for the future and improve instructional practices, we are asking you to please complete this survey. Your feedback will inform our system improvement efforts if we are forced into a virtual instruction modality again. PARENT'S ONLY PLEASE...students will be sent a separate survey. Thank you!
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Grade of child. You will need to complete this survey for each of your children. If you have 3 children, you will do 3 surveys. Thank you! *
If you had to choose one communication/learning platform, which would you choose?
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My child's teacher(s) has been available when needed
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My child has or was provided all of the necessary materials to adequately complete their work at home. (Supplies, manipulatives, resources, internet.)
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Does your child have access to a device?
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Can your child use a device independently?
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Does your child share a device with others?
What time of day does your child have access to complete work?
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On average, how much time is the child spending each day working on school work?
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Is there a subject which has been more difficult for your child than others?
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If you checked any of the above, briefly explain what content he/she is struggling with.
How do you feel about the amount of communication from the teacher? (3 is just right)
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Too much
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Were the directions for activities clear to understand?
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What is something you or your child has enjoyed or found beneficial in this process?
What challenges have you and/or your child had during this period of distance learning? (Barriers,needs)
Is there anything the school can do to make this process more manageable for you or your children if we have to continue to learn remotely? Please share your suggestions/questions or concerns here.
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