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Touring the City of Tacoma Community Gardens where TAGRO is donated.
What does the Excellence Award recognize?
The purpose of the Excellence in Biosolids Management Award is to recognize significant contributions in the development and implementation of cost-effective and environmentally beneficial Biosolids Management programs and practices.

The awards committee shall consider a wide range of activities that have contributed to excellent biosolids management.

Such activities might include:

• Operating Projects (all sizes). Outstanding full-scale biosolids recycling projects.
• Technology Development Activities. Significant technological improvements that have been developed and fully proven at the operational level.
• Research Activities. Studies that have substantially contributed to an improved understanding of biosolids beneficial use practices, improved public acceptance and/or advances in technology.
• Public Involvement and Marketing Activities. Significant local, regional, and national activities that have increased the acceptance by the public of biosolids beneficial use practices.

Nominations are due July 19. All nominators notified by July 31.

Former winners included:
2017 - Peter Severtson, WA Ecology 2018 - Dan Eberhardt, City of Tacoma-TAGRO, WA
2014 - City of Boise, ID 2013 - Regional District of Nanaimo, BC
2012 - City of La Conner, WA 2011 - City of Tacoma-TAGRO, WA
2010 - Metro Vancouver, BC 2009 - Boulder Park, Inc.
2008 - SoundGro, WA 2007 - City of Albany, OR
2006 - SYLVIS Environmental, BC 2005 - Water Env. Services of Clackamas County, OR
2004 - Natural Selection Farms, WA 2003 - City of Portland, OR
Nomination and Award Information
Starting in 2019, there will be two award categories: 1) Program and 2) Professional.

Nominations for awards:
- may be submitted by anyone including the nominee, municipalities, consultants, researchers, or other interested parties.
- may include both individuals and groups from private as well as public organizations.
- should include name and contact information for the nominee and name and contact information for the nominator.
- should include a brief description of the project, program or activity that is being recognized and a short description of the nominee. Nominators can send a separate document (please limit information to 4 pages) and/or images to info@nwbiosolids.org.
- should present your biosolids beneficial use activity in a manner that clearly shows the benefits to the environment and addresses how these benefits are communicated to the public.
- should not have received this award in the past 10 years and if reapplying, must demonstrate a significant change in the program or project since receiving the award.

Nominations must be received on or before July 19.

Nominations will be reviewed by a panel consisting of representatives from supporting organizations and regulators across the Pacific Northwest.

Award recipients will be notified by July 31.

The award will be presented at the NORTHWEST BIOSOLIDS annual conference.

Short articles describing the award winning activities will be published in the NW BIOSOLIDS Biosolids eBulletin.
Evaluation Criteria
Overall criteria:
• Current member or active participant of the BCWWA, NW BIOSOLIDS, ORACWA and/or PNCWA
• Compliant of local, state and federal regulations
• Significant recycling/reuse of natural resources
• Excellence in project management

Technology Development:
• Application technology that has potential for use at other facilities
• Resolution of previous biosolids management or utilization problems
• Sustained excellence in advancing our knowledge of technologies that recycle biosolids
• Substantial contribution toward the development of improved technological design and operation

Operating Projects:
• Sustained full scale proven operation
• Consistent cost effective operation (i.e. illustrates costs/time savings)
• Coordination between stakeholders

Public Involvement/Marketing Activities:
• Public involvement/awareness among diverse stakeholders
• Demonstrated increase in both public acceptance and demand for biosolids products
• Proactive successful approaches to coordinate with the press and other groups explaining the benefits of biosolids use, cultivating and gaining allies, sharing relevant research or case studies in light of misinformation and unfounded stories that may arise
• Excellence in local information transfer and training efforts that have made a positive local difference (e.g., on-site demonstrations and collaborative efforts involving municipalities, citizens, universities, environmental groups, and others)
• Resolution of previous biosolids management or utilization problems
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