April 2, 2019 Admissions Atwater Dinner
The Admissions Office will host an Atwater Dinner on Tuesday evening, April 2 beginning at 5:30 for any student who will help us with various activities for admitted students in the month of April. The theme of the dinner menu is comfort food. Please RSVP below to indicate whether you will join us for dinner. Your ticket into Atwater will be signing up for at least one activity, but we encourage you to sign up for as many as you can do. You may either sign up in advance through the form below and we will simply check off your name when you arrive to Atwater, or you may sign up for these activities at the entrance to Atwater on April 2.
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Phoning admitted students *
We will have two evenings when current students will call admitted students to congratulate them on their admission to Middlebury College and offer to answer any questions they have. All phone calls will be made from the admissions office in the Emma Willard House. Pizza and snacks will be provided. If you are unable to commit to the full three hours of calling, please indicate on the blank "other" line the time when you are available and can commit to calling between 6:00 and 9:00 on Wednesday and Thursday evenings, April 3 and 4.
Taking admitted students to lunch *
We will offer visiting admitted students the opportunity to have lunch in one of our dining halls with a current student. The cost of the admitted student's lunch will be covered by the admissions office.
Hosting admitted students during Preview Days
You may register your interest in hosting here and then we will follow up with you for more details. Or, you may register directly at go/pdhosting.
Driving shuttles during Preview Days between campus and the Burlington airport, the Mega Bus stop in Burlington, the Port Henry train station, and the local area hotels
All shuttle drivers must have a Middlebury College driver's license. Drivers will be paid for their time. Please note that these are tentative sign-ups and you will hear more from us shortly.
Do you have your 15-passenger van license?
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