Staff Applications for TheCluster.
Staff Application For TheCluster Discord Community Server! Please Read Discord TOS and follow them Before Appying.
Requirement for Staff Applications:
1) Must Be on Discord for 6 Months or More.
2) Must Be in TheCluster Discord Server for Atleast 10 Days or More.
3)Must have a Mic to communicate With the Founder aka Mr.Khan.
4)Must Have a Social Media Handle For Backup Communication.
Example Platforms: Instagram and Twitter
Email address *
Your age? *
Discord Username. Ex Mr.Khan#0786 *
Describe yourself in 5-6 lines *
Your Timezone? *
If someone abuses you, what will u do as a staff member? *
What languages can you speak? *
If you saw someone needing help how would you help them? *
Do you have any past experience as a moderator? *
Do you have a working microphone? *
How long can you be active on the server everyday? *
Why do you think you should become a mod? *
What country do you live in? *
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