WCPSS MVP Teacher Survey
Wake County math teachers, we need your input.  We are a group of over 600 Wake County parents concerned about the new MVP math program.  We believe that MVP limits the styles and methods teachers are allowed to use for teaching their students.  We have seen and heard about irregular adoption of MVP across the county, which has led to irregular results.  We also have concerns about the quality and fit to standards of the MVP workbooks and materials.

We know that some teachers are using MVP as a supplemental resource and their students are faring acceptably, while some teachers are following the mandates strictly "being true to the curriculum" and as a result many good students are struggling to learn and perform math fundamentals.  

We believe that teachers' input regarding the selection and continued usage of the MVP program is being stifled by WCPSS and not welcome.  We have already heard from several teachers anonymously, but want to broaden this input. You will not be alone if you speak out!!  How is MVP working - or not working - for you?  YOU DESERVE TO BE HEARD!

We believe our students deserve a balanced math education where teachers teach using a variety of methods suited to individual students, not an experience where teachers mainly only facilitate or maneuver groups of students into discovering the math for themselves, leaving little time for establishing and practicing fundamentals in the classroom.

Your name, school, and contact information will be kept confidential.  However, we would like to use any input or comments provided - anonymously of course - in order to stop MVP in Wake County.

Thank you for all you do to serve our children.

Please contact wakemvpparent@gmail.com if you have questions or prefer to communicate that way.

Note: This is a parent-initiated survey.  This is not a WCPSS survey.
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What is the primary Math course you teach relevant to this survey?
We realize you may teach more than one MVP course.  If your experience is different for each course, please complete additional surveys as needed.
Days of MVP training you attended
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If you attended MVP training, how helpful was the training?
If you didn't attend training, no answer is necessary.
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How COMFORTABLE are you with complying with the MVP teaching methods on an everyday basis with your students?
Facilitation is a special skill that comes naturally to some people, but not others.  For this question, we're trying to gauge how natural this teaching style is for you on an everyday basis.
Very Uncomfortable
Very Comfortable
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How CLOSELY are you complying with the MVP teaching methods on an everyday basis with your students?
This question is gauging what you are actually doing with your students.  Are you using MVP as little as possible?  Or are you all-in, and using it as prescribed?
Minimal Usage and Compliance / Supplementary
Following it Exactly as Required
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How much do you agree with this statement: MVP works well for ALL of my students' learning styles?
When you were in college, you likely learned about the different learning styles of students (physical, visual, social, verbal, etc. or some variation of that).  This question is asking how well MVP fits ALL learning styles.  Or does it fit SOME learning styles better than others?
Strongly Disagree
Strongly Agree
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How much do you agree with this statement: MVP is well suited for students of ALL learning abilities?
Is MVP best suited for Honors students?  Or could you use MVP with learners of all abilities?
Strongly Disagree
Strongly Agree
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How well are your MVP students performing on quizzes and tests as compared to how your other students performed in the past?
Are MVP students making the grades you are used to seeing in your pre-MVP classes?  Are they learning?
Very Much Worse
Very Much Better
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How would you rate the quality (accuracy, usability, etc) of the MVP workbooks?
Any issues with the workbooks?  
Very Low Quality
Very High Quality
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How comfortable are you with giving your MVP constructive feedback to your superiors without concern for retribution?
Very Uncomfortable
Very Comfortable
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Please share any comments you have.  This is very important because this survey does not capture everything on your mind.  We want to hear from teachers like you and want to be YOUR voice to WCPSS for a better future for all our students!
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