Parcel 5 Survey
The future of the redevelopment of Parcel 5, the gravel lot in the heart of downtown and the location of the former Midtown Plaza, remains ambiguous.

Over a year ago, Mayor Lovely Warren publicly endorsed a plan combining a new venue for the Rochester Broadway Theatre League and a luxury apartment complex. City Council has to approve any plan since it involves the sale of public land. As of yet, nothing has been submitted to the council. The public has not received any information about the fate of Parcel 5 since the mayor’s announcement in mid-2017.

We want to give you an opportunity to be heard. Please respond to the following questions so that you can weigh in on an issue that will certainly have a long-term impact upon our community.

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Where do you live?
Do you work in the City of Rochester?
Do you want the proposed Rochester Broadway Theatre League and luxury apartment complex to be built on Parcel 5?
While the future of Parcel 5 is decided, would you like to see it sodded (grass/lawn)?
Do you want to see Parcel 5 available for public use, such as recreation, events, performances, and festivals?
Are you willing to wait several years, after further community engagement and dialogue, to determine the long-term outcome for Parcel 5?
Are you interested in attending a community forum to learn more about development options and express your opinions to our city’s leaders?
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