Parent/ Carers Questionnaire
Dear Parent/Carer

As we near the end of yet again another busy year at Skene Square School Nursery we very much hope you will take the time (a few minutes) to give us your feedback. Your child will complete a similar questionnaire within nursery.

Your feedback is important to us because:

- Your feedback counts and allows to engage in improvements that will make a difference to our setting and pupil experiences
- It is important that the improvements we plan are evidence based and take into account our school community- pupils, staff, parents and partners.

The survey will remain open until Friday 28th June and the collated information will be shared and discussed with the Parent Council in the new academic year.

The aim of this questionnaire is to allow parents and carers the opportunity to inform the improvement process which has two main foci:
-Pupil Attainment
-Pupil Achievement and Wellbeing.

Thank you for taking the time to complete.

Mrs Vivienne Innes
Head Teacher
Skene Square School
My Child likes being at Skene Square Nursery *
Staff treat my child fairly and with respect *
I feel that my child is safe at Skene Square Nursery *
My child's behaviour is managed effectively at Skene Square Nursery *
By attending Skene Square Nursery my child has become more confident *
I feel the staff really know my child as an individual *
The learning experiences at Skene Square Nursery are at the right level for my child's age and stage of development *
I have had the opportunity to discuss my child's learning and development with staff *
I feel that staff have listened to and acted upon the information I have shared with them about my child's development *
My child is encouraged to be healthy and to be physically active during their time at nursery *
Skene Square Nursery staff support my child's emotional wellbeing *
My child is making good progress at Skene Square Nursery *
I receive helpful, regular feedback about how my child is learning and developing *
The nursery organises activities where my child and I can learn together *
I feel comfortable approaching staff with questions, suggestions and/or a problem *
I would recommend Skene Square Nursery to other parents *
Overall, I am satisfied with Skene Square Nursery *
Any other comments/ suggestions/ feedback you would like to give us on Skene Square Nursery.
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