2016 Michigan Homeschool Volleyball State Tournament Information and Registration

Capitol Homeschool Athletic Program’s volleyball teams would like to invite you to join us at the 2016 Michigan Homeschool Volleyball State Tournament to be held at Aim High Sports Facility in Lansing (9410 Davis Hwy, Dimondale, 48821), on October 28 & 29, 2016. (JV on Saturday only; Varsity both days.) Our goal is to provide an opportunity for fun, fellowship, and friendly competition for homeschool volleyball players, coaches, parents, fans, and volleyball enthusiasts from around the state of Michigan. But most importantly, we want God to be honored and magnified by our efforts, as we all strive to exhibit good sportsmanship and Christ-like character throughout the tournament!

Important Dates
by Sept. 30 – Online Registration Open
Oct. 7 – Online Team Registration Deadline
Oct. 14 – Registration Fees Due, Player Rosters Due, Team Win-Loss Records Due
Oct. 24 – Pool Brackets Published
Oct. 28-29 – Tournament! (Eligibility/Emergency Authorization Forms due for each player)

Entry Fee
$350 for Varsity, $200 for JV teams Programs bringing more than one team may subtract $50 from the price of your 2nd team, and if any programs will be bringing 3 teams, subtract $75` from the price of your 3rd team. [Note: Programs MAY register and bring more than one team at each level, as long as you are complying with all Eligibility requirements listed below!]

Payment can be made online through Paypal by sending your payment to chapsports@gmail.com, or you can mail your check payable to CHAP to: Homeschool Volleyball State Tournament, c/o Rick Cooper, 322 S. Sherman, Leslie, MI 49251 (Must be received by Oct. 17th)

This will be done online at https://chapchariots.org/pages/volleyball-tournament-info Also rosters and team win/loss records must be submitted online, and player eligibility/emergency authorization forms must be downloaded and photocopied for each player. These will be submitted by coaches upon arrival at the tournament.
We will accept registrations for up to 16 Varsity teams and 12 JV teams. All teams must have played ninety percent of their schedule in the level that they are entering. (Example: nine matches of a ten match schedule would have to be in played in said level, either JV or V)

Friday: The building will be open at 9:00 am. The coach’s meeting will be at 9:30 am, Opening Ceremony at 9:45 am, and games will begin at 10:00am. End time on Friday will be dependent upon the number of teams, but should not extend past 8:00 pm.
Saturday: Saturday the building will open at 8:00 am for the 8:15 am Opening Ceremony. We will start play at 8:30 am, break for lunch at the conclusion of pool play, and should be finished with the Championship match no later than 5:30 pm.

Only players and up to 3 adults per team will be free. (3 free adults would be the coach, then asst. coach, scheduler, athletic director, scorekeeper, etc…)
All others must pay admissions as follows: (Wristband will be given, good for both days)
• $5.00 per adult
• $3.00 per student or senior citizen
• Under 5 are free
• $13.00 maximum per family
Contact tournament coordinator, Kim Winter, at mkjcwinter@sbcglobal.net or 517-281-8342.

Eligibilty - Who May Participate in the Michigan Homeschool Volleyball State Tournament?
(This is always a touchy subject and we have revised the guidelines quite significantly, so it’s important that all coaches and families understand clearly these guidelines and help us to have all information thoroughly documented ahead of time via the completion and timely submission of the online eligibility form.)
• Players on a Varsity roster must be 18 years old or younger as of Sept. 1st of the current season. (May not have turned 19 years old prior to Sept. 1)
• Players on a JV roster must be 16 years old or younger as of September 1st of the current season. (May not have turned 17 prior to Sept. 1) [Appeals for age-exceptions may be submitted to tournament organizers for consideration.]
• Players must only be included on one team roster, and may only play at one level. (May not be listed on both a JV and Varsity roster.)
• Players must be a live-in dependent of at least one of their parents or legal guardians.
• Players must NOT be graduated from high school level education. (May NOT have participated in a high school graduation ceremony or received a high school diploma.)
• Players must NOT be playing on any other public or private school sports team in the same sport during the current sports season.
• Players must NOT have been expelled from public or private school during the school year of the current sports season.
• Players must be homeschooled.*
*Homeschooled (for the purposes of this tournament) means parent-directed, home-based, family-funded educational instruction:
• Taught at home by the student’s parents, grandparents, or legal guardian; or
• Correspondence or online courses completed from home under the direction and supervision of the parents; or
• Courses taught outside the home by other homeschool parents or tutors, provided it is done under the direction and supervision of the parents; or
• Apprenticeships, internships, or vocational/technical classes outside the home which are part of the student’s parent-directed home education program; or
• Dual-enrolled courses at a college, AS LONG AS the student has been admitted to the college as a high school student, and the student is recognized by all entities involved as a high school student, homeschooled as defined above and still under the direction and supervision of their parents.
Homeschooled does NOT mean:
• More than 50% of a student's educational instruction coming from classes at a Christian, private, or public high school.
• College classes taken at a University or College as a college student.
• Employed 'full-time', i.e. more than 30 hours per week.
Dress Code Policy
Our goal is MODESTY:
1. Shorts – NO spandex allowed as outerwear. At least a 4” inseam so that undergarments and buttocks are completely covered at all times. Many of the current namebrand women’s volleyball shorts have only a 3” seam and are simply not modest, so will not be allowed. Please choose shorts that are not form-fitting, as they can appear to be spandex, so again, are not acceptable.
2. Tops must fit so that sports bras are not revealed. Racerbacks are allowed but not encourage, and midriffs should not be exposed while standing.
3. All uniforms must be worn properly at all times, with numbers corresponding to rosters submitted.
Please do not disrupt our event by making other coaches or parents uncomfortable enough to bring your team to the attention of the tournament organizer.

Facility Information
Aim High has graciously rented us their entire facility for two days, and we want to be a blessing to the staff there, not a burden. So we ask that you help us keep the facility as clean as you find it when you arrive. Also we request that parents keep young children with them, not allowing them to run or play unsupervised anywhere in the building-- including on the courts, in restrooms, or locker rooms.

Hospitality Room: Coaches and referees will be given a designated room to sit and relax during the busy weekend. We look forward to visiting with many of you and giving you a taste of CHAP Chariots hospitality!

Storing ‘stuff,’ including food: Upon arrival, you will be directed to your team’s area where you may keep equipment, clothing, bags, etc. Aim High is allowing us to bring in coolers and crockpots, but all food you bring in must be kept in the ‘team room’ in your team’s designated space, and garbage must be properly disposed of. (If we have problems with coolers or crockpots, or excessive mess from bringing in outside food, we will likely be required by the facility to ban them in the future.)

Drinks: Only water and Gatorade may be brought outside the eating areas, and all bottles must have securely fastened tops. NO GLASS containers are allowed in the building. Please be careful with drinks near the courts, as volleyball and basketball courts do not get along well with liquids!

Concessions: The concession stand will be open from late morning until the beginning of the last matches of the day. Snacks and drinks will be available throughout the day, along with some hot food at mealtimes. Please try to keep all food within the café/dining area. (You may also want to note that there is a Wendy’s restaurant just down the street.)

NOTE: Teams are encouraged to stay in the facility throughout the day and be ready for your matches. Starting times or court assignments that are published or verbally given throughout the day should be considered approximations, as matches will always begin as soon as courts are available.
Team Responsibilities
Home Team: (listed first/higher seed) Responsible to provide the official scorekeeper
Both Teams: Each team must provide one scorekeeper, and one mature, unbiased, and experienced line judge. (We would prefer an adult, but the key is mature, unbiased, and experienced.)

Pool Play
Tournament begins with pool play (seeded based upon submitted win/loss records for the season) to determine seeding for the final single elimination tournament. Our goal is maximum playing opportunities. Total number of games depends on the number of teams registering, but with a four team pool, play will be two sets with each of the three other teams in the pool, for a total of six sets. With a six team pool, each team would be guaranteed ten sets.
• Tournament director may make minor adjustments to seedings to a) better accommodate schedules, or b) ensure that teams from the same program/city are in different pools.
• Pool play will consist of two-game matches against each team in the pool, rally scored to 25 points, capped at 27.
• The team listed first, serves first and takes the court to the right of the scorekeeper, as they face the court.
• Check the schedule! Make sure your team is in place at their scheduled times to play and score keeping/line judging.
• Official tournament score sheets will be used, and turned in at the end of each match.
• Line judges and score keepers should not be interacting with the players on the court.
Playoffs: All eight teams will go to playoffs.
• The first & second place teams in each pool will automatically advance to the tournament playoffs. After that, teams will be chosen based on the following criteria: a. percentage of pool play sets won, b. head to head set wins (not applicable if a three-way tie or more), c. pool play points differential, d. head to head points differential (not applicable if a three-way time or more), e. coin toss

Tournament Play
Following the pool play, there will be a single elimination tournament- best 2 out of 3 sets per match. The first two sets of the match will be played to 25. The third set, if needed, will be to 15. Varsity sets will be "win by two with no cap." JV sets will be capped at 27. Teams who lose in the first round will have a single consolation match, so each team is guaranteed two tournament matches. Also, the losers of the semi-final game will play a game for third place.
• Starting times are approximate. Matches will be played back-to-back beginning 30 minutes after the last match of pool play.
• Higher seeded team calls the flip. Whoever loses the coin toss gets bench choice.

Jr. Varsity: An awards ceremony honoring the coaches and players of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams will take place on Court “A” immediately following the championship match on Friday evening. We will also be presenting a Christian Character Award to one player.

Varsity: An awards ceremony honoring the coaches and players of the 1st , 2nd and 3rd place teams will take place on Court “A” immediately following the championship match on Saturday afternoon. Please plan to stay. We will also be recognizing the seniors and taking a group picture of all the seniors, selecting an “All-State Team” and presenting a Christian Character Award to one player.

Remember we are doing this tournament for the players. We want this to be a positive experience for all the girls. Please keep your comments positive and be respectful of all those who are playing, officiating, coaching, line judging, and scorekeeping. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and participation!

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    During the tournament we send text messages to mobile phones about schedule changes and other tournament events. You can elect to receive these messages by completing the information below. Enter your number OR enter the e-mail address of your mobile device. You can sign up for text alerts by copying & pasting this link into your web browser: https://www.rainedout.net/team_page.php?a=5f742735f84aab0a1361 You can also text: STourney to 84483 from your mobile phone.


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