Elevate March 2022 Application
Thank you for your interest in Elevate. This application is for the March 2022 cohort. Please fill out the application form below.
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Elevate is only open to PhD holding authors working on books. Is this you? *
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Elevate is an inclusive, anti-racist book-writing program. Many of the scholars in the program write books on marginalized communities from a social justice perspective, and the coaches/editors have an explicit social-justice orientation. Will you be comfortable in this environment? (note: you are not required to be writing about a marginalized community to join the program) *
Elevate features editorial hot seats, where you share your work with the group for live feedback from an editor. On a scale of "I'm terrified" to "I love sharing my work," how comfortable are you sharing your work with others? *
I'm terrified.
I love sharing my work.
Are you prepared to commit to a 6-month program! *
Do you have university funding (start-up finds, professional development money, research money, etc) to invest in the program? *
The price of Elevate is $8,000 ($8,200 if using university funding, to cover our administrative labor). Are you prepared to make an investment of that size in your writing? *
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