Your Experience of Being Sanctuary: "Love God: Worship and Prayer"
Please answer these questions from your own experience.
This ministry includes: Sunday Worship, Dinner Church, ART Church, Midweek Meditation, Yoga, Ashes to Go, Palms to Passersby, City-wide Vigils, Thanksgiving Service, Easter Sunrise, Shared Worship and our/your Prayer Life (online/via social media, in worship, in small groups, personal/private prayer).
1. Please describe briefly which of the experiences (listed above) you have been (or are) involved in and how regularly you participate?
2. If you have been involved in these ministries please describe why you come--what brings you... what motivates you.
3. If you have not been involved or find yourself coming less, can you tell us why?
4. When you have come to your faith community with a particular burden or reason for thanksgiving - have there been places in our community life that have connected with your troubles or triumphs? Please describe one or two experiences...
5. Worship has been described as that space “…where I fall in love with God all over again.” Can you describe a time or two when you were especially aware of God (in worship, prayer or elsewhere)?
6. What do you seek during the "message" (the sermon or reflections)? Tell us about a time or two when you were challenged, found new insight, or heard good news.
7. How do you experience/respond to our worship music and hymns?
8. When we celebrate Communion, what do you usually experience?
9. What else would you like to say about your experience of worship and prayer?
10. What kind of support and encouragement have you gotten from Sanctuary folk or staff with worship and prayer? How might the congregation better support you in this? What do you need to do more?
11. Do you have any suggestions for worship partners, worship models, or worship leadership?
12. Please tell us your name.
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