The Arkansas Department of Education will no longer allow virtual days for instruction.
Buffalo Island Central Schools are seeking the opinion of parents regarding the implementation of a 4 (four) day school week. The four school days would be Monday - Thursday and the length of the day would be approximately 7:50 - 4:20. It is our greatest desire to provide our students with the best possible academic and social education. Early investigations of this new concept with other schools that have 4-day weeks have shown these educational advantages:

The extended 4 day schedule would increase instructional minutes when compared to our current schedule.

Block Scheduling of courses could enhance student learning.

Additional time on campus would reduce the amount of work required from home and increase time on task with trained personnel.

Student/Teacher attendance should be improved due to having an available day for appointment scheduling.

Afterschool/extracurricular activities (such as tutorial services) could be included within the school day to allow for more student participation.

Additional minutes during the lengthened school day would allow for RTI (academic intervention) as well as enrichment opportunities.

Due to extended school hours, a snack will be provided daily and Friday meals will be sent home.

Please respond once for your family. Deadline to submit your response is Monday April 12, 2021.
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