BVTCC 2019 Season 1 application
Close date - 25th Feb 2019

WSR issues up to a maximum of 30 BGL licences (BVTCC Grid Licence) with two reserved. Application is not automatic guarantee of a grid place, successful entries will be informed 27th February.

All drivers taking part must be Silver licence level or above by date of application close.

Team applications
-Gold Licence members may register a team to compete in the teams championship with a maximum of two cars. Gold and Silver licence holders can join a team.
-Team manager does not have to drive one of the cars but may not drive for any other team
-Cars must be from same manufacturer and cannot be changed after season start.
-Lineup changes may be made after application up until 27th February

Independent applications
-Drivers no wishing to join a team can opt to run as an independent
-Independents must not have any affiliation with a full team.

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Number 1 is reserved for the current champion.
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First choice car? *
Your preferred car choice. To ensure grid diversity, BVTCC caps numbers of cars per manufacturer should applications exceed more than 25% of the grid for any one manufacturer. Please note both drivers in the a team must use same manufacturer.
Second choice car? *
Your second car choice should above mentioned 25% rule be enforced.
If you entered 2018B in same car, will you use the same skin? *
Skin deadline 8th March 2019
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As team owner you have read and agree to all WSR and BVTCC rules/regulations, and will ensure your drivers will also abide by these.
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