SAFE (Sharing Anonymously For Everyone) - Online Form
This form can be used to report concerns to the school including but not limited to: concerns for the safety and well-being of others, acts of bias or prejudice by students or faculty, and other incidents (such as harassment) safely and anonymously. Please fill out this information to the best of your ability so we can address the issue. Feel free to use names as necessary.
**PLEASE NOTE*** This form will only be monitored during school operating hours (M-F 7:15am - 2:45pm) and will not be checked on the weekends or holidays. Please utilize outside emergency resources if there are life threatening or safety concerns.
Person Making Report (if using your name please mark "Other" and write your name in: *
Name of Person concern is about: *
Additional people involved (including witnesses): *
Date of concerning incident (if known):
Time of concerning incident (if known):
Describe with as many details as possible, the incident of concern: *
How did you come to know about this situation? *
Is there anyone else we should talk to or who has information about this situation? If so write the name in the "Other" choice? *
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