CCC process form
New Unity Comments, Concerns, and Complaints (CCC) submission form.
It is important that everyone at New Unity has the opportunity for their input to be heard, and to be heard by the right people. Serious concerns and complaints must also be heard and addressed in a timely and serious way. It is also important that the stream of input from New Unity participants does not overwhelm the volunteer and staff leaders who need to field it or for lesser priorities to displace higher ones from the agenda. These are the reasons for and objectives of this process.

When NOT to use this process
If your matter is an urgent one and immediate harm will be caused by a delay of a few days, or if the safety of a vulnerable person is immediately at risk, do not use this system. Contact the minister or other congregational leader immediately!

Please be sure you have read the details of the CCC process and considered the points there carefully.

If your matter is not urgent, please proceed and complete this form fully and thoughtfully.

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Protection of vulnerable people
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A vulnerable person may be a child or an adult who is not fully capable of identifying or protecting him/herself from dangerous situations.
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