Student Participant Form - (9th-12th)
Please submit this form by March 6th at 5pm.

Come show your work at the Nevada County STEAM Expo 2020 at the Nevada County Fairgrounds Main Center!

You can work individually or in a group to show a STEAM Expo project.

Please only fill out one entry per group project. LIMIT OF 4 ENTRIES PER SCHOOL SITE. Names of participants MUST be submitted through this registration form. "Spots" will not be held.

STEAM Expo projects can be based on any area of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, or Math. You can also think about ways these subjects are combined.

You may have or may create an invention to solve a problem, do a science experiment, study a new area of math, create a computer program, draw/paint a beautiful piece of art, photograph an interesting composition, compose a piece of music, design a building, create a new mode of transportation, learn about renewable energy…there are loads of possibilities!

The most important thing is that you choose something that you are curious about.

You can work independently or with a group on your project at home or at school. Some support from your parents may be helpful, but this project should be your work. You will share your project at the Nevada County Fairgrounds Main Center STEAM Expo on Saturday, March 28th between 9am-3pm. You will also need to come set up your project two days before on Thursday, March 25th from 1pm-4pm.

The possibilities for STEAM work is vast so have fun, be creative, explore, and enjoy the process. We are excited to see you and what you have to bring to this year's STEAM Expo.
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