Haller Lake Community Club Neighborhood Survey
The Haller Lake Community Club (HLCC) is conducting a survey to determine how we can best serve our neighborhood. Please complete the following questions regarding your household.
Which neighborhood do you identify with? Chose all that apply.
What are your cross streets? (Optional)
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What do you like best about the Haller Lake neighborhood?
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What could make the Haller Lake neighborhood better?
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Are you currently a member of the Haller Lake Community Club?
If you are a past member, why did you leave?
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To better serve our neighborhood, we would like to know more about the people that the HLCC serves. Please tell us about your household by selecting the number of people for each age group that currently reside with you.
Children Ages 0-5
Children Ages 6-10
Children Ages 11-17
Adults 18-35
Adults 36-65
Adults 66+
What types of activities or programs would your household attend at HLCC? Select all that apply.
What challenges make it difficult for you to participate in HLCC programs or events? Select all that apply.
What would make it easier for you to attend HLCC activities and programs?
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What are the best times for you to attend activities and programs at HLCC? Select all that apply.
How would you like to be notified of HLCC events? Select all that apply.
How do you like to connect with your neighborhood?
Do you have any additional comments about how the HLCC could better serve you and the neighborhood?
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