In this episode of WTFisgoingonCW? we will be at the marvelous Glocal Camp Canarias. There will be two sessions live in Gran Canaria the 7th and the 10th of April and in Tenerife the 13th of April. In the first two sessions in Gran Canaria there will be the presentation of 6 projects and more time to Q&A. In the last session in Tenerife there will be space for 10 projects. Choose the session that better suits you!

For the sake of the sessions we ask to prepare your presentation looking at these guidelines:
- Maximum duration 5 minutes.
- It's a visual presentation. Prepare a very visual session (video, powepoint ...) along with the talk.
- Send us an image of the project in 1920x1080.

Bring to light your project! Tell everybody what you're up to!

Name of the Project *
Describe your project *
Explain your project as concrete as you can. Tell us about the context of the project, main goals, community reach, perspective on the process, development achieved, economic model and/or feedbacks.
Describe the project in a tweet *
Locate yourself! *
Give us information about the territory where the project was developed. Name of the territory, city, village or area; Country; Nature of the territory (Rural area or Urban)
Choose the session *
Live or Online? *
It will possible to participate live in the two location (AsociaciĆ³n ATLAS or Equipo PARA) or online through Google Hangout if you didn't manage to be at the Glocal Camp
Upload a nice image of the project *
Please upload a jpeg in the 1920x1080 format and name it with the name of the project, thanks!
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