Frank R. Williams Scholarship Fund Faculty/Staff Recommendation Form 2020
Dear Faculty:

Thank you for agreeing to assist us in the scholarship selection process for the Frank R. Williams Scholarship Fund. We sincerely appreciate your support and look forward to working very closely with you to bring to fruition the dreams of the late Frank Williams. Your recommendation should be in support of a senior student athlete you feel meets the following criteria:

A Calvin Coolidge senior student athlete who plans to attend a 2-year or 4-year college level institution
A student athlete who displays success on the field
A student athlete who exhibits a sense of being a true team player
A student athlete who excels in the classroom (minimum B average)
A student athlete who reaches out to the community through volunteer work
A student athlete who understands the importance of using their talents on the field, in
the classroom, and in their community

Please feel free to recommend a student by completing the form below prior to the application deadline which is Tuesday, May 5, 2020. If additional space is needed to provide information on the student being nominated, please feel free to send a letter to If you have additional questions or concerns contact us via e- mail at

Thanks again for your time and support.

Kind regards,
Frank R. Williams Scholarship Committee
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