Rachel Wojo Product Survey
A survey for product improvement of Rachel Wojo resources
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Have you read Rachel's prayers, such as A Morning Prayer, A Prayer for the Moment, etc? (see sample below) *
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Would you be interested in the new 31 Days of Prayers for the Heart prayer cards and display stand product for yourself? *
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Would you be interested in this product as a gift? *
Give the photo above and the following description, what do you think is an appropriate amount to pay for this set of cards and display stand? All cards securely rest in the display stand. 31 Prayer Cards for the Heart are 5x7 cards on sturdy 100 lb cardstock, beautiful smooth professional print, and handcrafted wooden display stand to hold all cards is included. *
Does the fact that all the cards are stored in the stand add value compared to the typical single card holder? *
Do you prefer to shop small business or commercial retail? *
How much do you feel is appropriate to pay for shipping? (Shipping costs have gone up and it is challenging for small businesses to remain competitive in this area.) *
I would like to know as soon as 31 Days of Prayer for the Heart is available for preorder. My email address is: *
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