Adventure! Children's Museum Field Trips
Adventure! is located at: 490 Valley River Center, Eugene, Oregon
Contact us at (541) 285-8794 or

Field trips are ideal for groups of 10 to 35 visitors. For larger or smaller groups, please phone 541-653-9629 so that we can plan properly. Groups must be affiliated with a school (public, charter, state, private, or home school), preschool, school district, or county office of education, child care facility, camp program, or nonprofit children's organization. When entering as a group, the Museum will supply a greeter prior to entry. Groups must pay as a single payment on-site and enter the Museum as a group. To encourage adequate supervision of large groups, chaperones at a rate of 1/5 are not charged admission to the Museum during field trips. Group rates are $4 per child, including any attending siblings when the group is 10 children or more, and paid as a group.

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