PREC 502.001 Are 6 hours really enough? The Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Cognitive Performance and Health
Description: Modern industrialized societies require more people to be awake more of the time, but sufficient sleep is needed to prepare the brain for the next wake period and guarantee high levels of cognitive performance. Why do humans often ignore the biological imperatives of sleep? What are the consequences to health and safety of ignoring it? What do we know about the dynamics of sleep need, and how sleep loss tricks the brain into believing it alert? This preceptorial reviews the causes and consequences of sleep loss in industrialized societies, and some technology developments designed to prevent the risks posed by sleep loss.

Preceptorial Leader: Dr. Mathais Basner, Assoc. Prof of Sleep & Chronobiology in Psychiatry
Preceptorial Organizer: Patricia Chan
Date and Time: November 15, 6 PM
Location: Goddard Labs 200

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