User survey of Middles, the heart of Cold Hawaii
In the past 10 years, we have continually had to struggle with authorities about the ability to surf at Middles east of the harbour in Hanstholm. As of September, 2017, we are struggling with the planning of three very large wind turbines very close to Middles.

One issue that we have struggled with in particular, is that very few non-surfers are aware, how unique this place is. Also no one really have clarification of the use of the area, when, how many, how often nor the economical potential. So far there are no such documentation available. Please help us!

Therefore, we are now trying to document the recreational use of Middles. It is very important for our work to secure future water sports at Middles that you fill out this form (approximately 10 minutes).

By spending half an hour you are helping us greating valuable data to document and create clarification and hereby eliminate guess and odd hypotheses of the use of Middles! Lets Save Middles!

Below research is concerned the period of a year from ***** the 30 September 2017 back to 30 September 2016 *****. We would also like to hear from peolpe that have not yet visted Middles but are considering a trip to the area.

Once we have collected data, this is subsequently anonymized, which means that the personally sensitive information is deleted.

The usage is only targed for adults from 18 years old.

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