Chinese Alpha ONLINE Registration - Starting 7 Jan 2021
You are invited to the Alpha Film Series (conducted in Mandarin) which consists of a series of videos, talks followed by small group open discussions on discovering the meaning of life. This course is open to anyone regardless of your ethnic, age or religious background. Please complete form to sign up for the upcoming Course.

The next Alpha Course in Mandarin is planned for 7 Jan 2021 and will run for 4 consecutive Thursdays evenings from 8:30-10.00pm over the internet via ZOOM Meetings.

If you are interested but cannot join this sessions in Jan 2021, we invite you to also register your interests by filling your contact details so that we can link you up with future Alpha Course as they are scheduled. We look forward to seeing you. The information you provide will be strictly confidential. God Bless
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SSMC also conducts other Alpha courses as listed, some which may currently running or which we can convene at the next opportunity if there are sufficient interested participants. Please register your interest by checking the courses that you are interested in and we will contact you for more information.
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