Chris comes to New Zealand
Hi there, Chris here. Some time in 2019 (likely in the first quarter) Monika and I will travel to NZ for a few weeks. While there are TFTTF listeners in NZ, I don't know where in NZ you are. I also have a few other questions for you.

Thanks for taking the time to do this!

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Where (or near where) in New Zealand are you located?
If you're from outside NZ, please use the "Other..." option.
Are you interested in an NZ Chris Marquardt photo workshop in early 2019?
I'm thinking of a weekend workshop, 2 days in a fun location, small group up to 10 people. Level from beginner to pro.
While we have no details yet, chances are the cost for this weekend workshop will be more than NZD 600. After having read the price, would you still be interested?
This is a ball-park figure, depends on location (rent for rooms?), potential fees, etc.
Would you be willing to travel to this workshop?
What would you like to learn on this workshop?
Choose as many as you like
We will travel NZ for probably three or four weeks. What photo locations should we definitely see?
(While we definitely want to see some of the main attractions, we're also interested in places that are off the beaten path
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Can you provide a link to online photos from the location you suggested?
If you didn't answer the previous question, just leave this one blank
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Any other places that you consider MUST visits? (not necessarily photo-related)
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Do you have access to interesting behind-the-scenes type things?
As a few examples: we got a tour of one of Ireland's biggest yarn factories (Monika loves everything fiber), I once was invited on a train ride through Switzerland. By the train conductor. In the front of the train. That's what we mean with behind-the-scenes :)
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Anything else you'd like to tell us about New Zealand?
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