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Email Certification Quiz
1. Who can send emails within the system? *
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2. What options are there for selecting the recipients for an email? *
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3. What is the navigation (after you are on the control panel) for you to send a country or chapter email blast? *
4. Which statements below are true about Slugs (select all that are true) *
5. How should you select the theme for your DA email? *
(And ensure you have DA footers attached)
6. Select all statements that are true about creating the text of your email (select all that are True) *
7. If you want to insert a picture in your email, what do you do *
8. How do you send a test email? *
9. How do you get the footers to show on your email? *
10. Where can you find information on open rate, bounce, clicked, unsubscribe? *
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