Tech Talents in Malaysia 2018
Hey guys!

Recently a lot of people have been asking around for back/front-end coders or UI/UX designers. I thought why not we build an evolving list to continuously compile tech talents in Malaysia who are considering a part-time/full-time gig elsewhere.

So if you are a full-time or part-time freelance mobile/web developer, UI/UX designer or maybe you run a small web related shop, or product manager or anything like that, then you'll fit right in!

You just have to fill in this simple form, then whenever someone asks for a tech talent, we could just give them the list. If you can't take a job, just refer it to someone from the list.

You don't have to be Malaysian, if you live here in Malaysia, then you are good to go.

Aaron & Daniel & Arzumy

UPDATE: We're resurrecting this form to have up-to-date list of talents, publicly editable, displayed at

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