The Lead Developer Meetup - apply to speak
Fancy speaking at one of The Lead Developer meet ups across the globe? We want to hear from you.

We are accepting talks from anyone who is interested in being part of The Lead Developer in their local community. We currently are accepting talks from speakers in the following locations;

• London
• Berlin
• New York
• Austin
• San Francisco

This is an on-going application which will constantly be monitored. We are currently running 4 meet ups per year in each of the above locations, you will be contacted as and when we are programming for the meet ups.

What should I talk about?
The Lead Developer is the conference for tech leads, organised by White October Events.

Our audience is made up primarily of senior and lead developers/engineers, technical managers and CTOs.
We aren’t looking for sales pitches, but for people able to speak passionately and from experience and who understand our audience of development team leads. In particular we’re looking for two kinds of topics:

Some examples of topics around Team that interest us include:

• Anything related to leadership
• People management techniques
• Creating inclusive environments
• Attracting, recruiting and retaining great (diverse) talent
• Team dynamics
• Helping teams be most effective
• Communication: interpersonal, inter-team, inter-org/dept/company
• Helping people develop at all levels (including junior devs/interns/graduates, career paths, personal development for developers)
• Creating and maintaining great cultures
• Challenging issues (such as burnout, mental health and imposter syndrome)

We mean tools as well as process and ways of working, including:

• Agile and other modes of delivery
• Tools you use to help your team be most productive/effective
• Processes: for doing support brilliantly, or how you keep on top of your backlog of bugs, or how out of hours call outs are handled by your team, for instance
• Ways of keeping current -- helping people figure out how to stay up to date with an ever-changing industry
• Approaches to personal development for tech leads themselves, or key skills for tech leads to develop

We have a mix of 10, 15, 20 and 30 minute talks.

If you have any questions about speaking at a meet up, please contact

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