Sponsor A School by IPaintMyMind: Corporate Charitable Giving Sponsor Application
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This application should take ~15-20 minutes to complete.

For full info on our Sponsor A School Initiative, visit: https://www.ipaintmymind.org/get-involved/sponsor-a-school/

Sponsor A School by IPaintMyMind is a selective enrollment corporate charitable giving opportunity for companies operating in Chicago to support Shared Walls, a comprehensive art program IPaintMyMind provides to local public schools. By mobilizing your company's charitable budgets, fundraising & volunteering, your company can ensure that local public schools have arts programming they'd otherwise go without.

If accepted, your company will put forward a 1-3 person team to coordinate your Sponsor A School Fundraising and Volunteer commitment. You will select a baseline fundraising commitment level below, which your company will be expected to raise by the end of your campaign. IPMM Team Members will work closely with your team to plan your Sponsor A School Campaign, ensuring that your company and its employees can raise as much for your partner school as possible!

A company that cares deeply about kids and underserved communities, understands the grave problem of severe underfunding in our public schools, and cares about creating a better world.

Your company is a fit for this opportunity if you:
   - want to connect and positively impact Chicago's youth and underserved communities
   - are looking for a fun and easy charitable giving & volunteering program
   - are creative, altruistic, or kind
   - know how much help public schools need
   - have an internal team/committee that can spearhead fundraising and volunteer efforts

Watch the brief video below to hear about our vision for a future where every kid in Chicago has access to the engaging, empowering, technicolor process of being inspired and activated by art!

Sincerely, Evan La Ruffa
Founder & Executive Director

NOTE: Any questions about the application can be directed to our Sponsor A School Program Manager, Noemi Garcia, noemi@ipaintmymind.org.
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What other charitable giving or volunteer efforts has your company engaged in in the past? What was particularly great or lacking about those experiences?
How does art, creativity, or education play a role in your workplace or company culture? *
Does your company have a connection to any specific community, neighborhood, or special interest group in Chicago? If so, please elaborate. We can pair companies with schools close to them and love making hyper-local connections.
If selected, what charitable giving donation amount can your company commit to fundraising between April - August 2021? A year of programming for the school comes in at just $5000, meaning for just $25,000, your company can support art programs in your school for 5 years!!! This would be a total dollar amount commitment that could be a combination of funding sources, typically: 1) one $ amount as a Direct Contribution from allotted CSR budgets matched by 2) Employee Fundraising Among Their Social Networks. (NOTE: This is adaptable based on what your company has done in the past.)
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The volunteering portion of the Sponsor A School Experience takes place in September 2021 when Chicago Public Schools begin the new academic year. How many employees would be able to participate? (This does not require heavy lifting.)
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How does your company spread the word about its Corporate Charitable Giving efforts or support of local causes? Does your marketing department appreciate good will, community giving, or social impact tie-ins for your company or brand? Would they support this initiative and expand its reach?
Why should your company be chosen for this selective enrollment initiative above the many deserving companies in Chicago? What do you love most about your company?
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