OAC Instrumental lesson request form: Academic year 2021-22
Please read the information below carefully and complete this form to confirm your child wishes to be allocated peripatetic instrumental lessons during the course of the academic year 2021-22 at Outwood Academy City.

Learning a musical instrument can be one of life’s greatest joys, especially when one can perform and make music with others in choral and instrumental ensembles, as is encouraged at Outwood Academy City.

Lessons are open to students at all levels including complete beginners. Music lessons are an excellent way for students to develop their skills and understanding of music, as well as giving them the potential for a lifelong passion and opportunity for social development.

Outwood Grange Academies Trust is committed to providing opportunities for students to experience the learning of a musical instrument. Instrumental tuition is available at Outwood Academy City for all students.

The following instrument tuition is currently offered:
-Piano and Keyboard
-Guitar – Acoustic, Electric and Bass are all covered
-Drum Kit
-Voice/ Singing
-Brass – Trumpet, Cornet, Trombone, Horn, Euphonium/ Baritone and Tuba

We are also seeking teachers for other instruments and are particularly hoping to make lessons available in the following:
Woodwind – Flute, Clarinet and Saxophone
Strings – Violin, Viola, Cello and Double Bass
Please note that the availability for some instruments is currently limited due to demand and so by stating your wish to take up this instrument on the reply slip, we can look to securing a teacher.

Please ensure you read and agree to the following details before completing the form.

Music Tuition Request
In order to plan music tuition for the coming year, we ask you to complete and return the form attached to this letter. Once a signed Music Tuition Agreement (attached) has been received this will remain in force until your child leaves Outwood Academy City or until the required notice in writing has been given, whichever occurs soonest. Please note that it can prove less straightforward to arrange lessons starting during the course of the school year. Although every effort will be made to arrange lessons requested after the start of the school year, spaces may not always be available, and a waiting list will be created if necessary.

Cost of Lessons
The cost of instrumental lessons from September 2021 will be £8 per individual 20 minute lesson.

Please read the terms and conditions surrounding payment carefully:

You will be invoiced by the academy or the instrumental teacher for each term’s lessons, to be paid termly in advance. Lessons missed due to the student’s absence from school (due to illness, for example) are not eligible for refund as the teacher will still be giving their time for your child’s lesson. While every attempt is made by the instrumental tutor to rearrange lessons which will otherwise be missed because of the teacher’s absence, school examinations, or attendance on a school trip, if an alternative solution cannot be found the lesson will not be charged to parents. You will be informed of payment requirements when your child is allocated a lesson place.

Information regarding payment arrangements will be confirmed when your child's lesson is confirmed.

Students taking BTEC Music may learn one instrument free of charge. If, however, your child does not attend these lessons repeatedly with no good reason, e.g. misses more than two in a row without informing their tutor and Ms Sellors, the academy will invoice parents/carers for the missed lessons, as the teacher will be paid regardless of student attendance.

Students registered for free school meals are exempt from Music Tuition fees. Please note that free school meals registration is necessary. To qualify for this exemption the child's parents (or carers) must meet the criteria set out in ‘A guide on how to obtain Free Schools Meals’ which is available online or from the academy.
If, however, your child does not attend these lessons repeatedly with no good reason, e.g. misses more than two in a row without informing their tutor and Ms Sellors, the academy will invoice parents/carers for these missed lessons, as the teacher will be paid regardless of student attendance. Please support your child’s attendance at these lessons. If an improvement is not seen in their attendance then their place will be given to another student in the next half term.

Organisation of Lessons
These take place during the school day and students will leave their normal lesson to attend in one of our practice rooms. Students will be given a pass to stick in their planner confirming their instrumental lesson time. It is the student’s responsibility to have their pass in their planner to show their class teacher and leave lesson to arrive on time for their music lesson.

Upon starting lessons, you will be in contact with the instrumental tutor, who you may inform of any need for changes in lesson time or known upcoming absence. This also allows for a conversation to take place about your child’s progress.

Performance Opportunities
Ensemble performance fosters skills of teamwork and the ability to respond with sensitivity to others. Our students are encouraged to perform at various stages throughout the academic year, and we would encourage them to attend our enrichments and form bands.

Termination of lessons
You are required to give the academy a term’s notice, in writing otherwise a term’s fees will be charged in lieu of notice. We ask that you inform both Ms Sellors and your child’s instrumental tutor of such a change, so that the timetable and other areas of administration can be kept up to date.

Lessons During the Examination Period
Students taking GCSEs and BTEC examinations are still expected to attend lessons during and, if necessary, to arrange alternative times well in advance when their examination timetables are known.

Student Obligations
Students are required to purchase their own tutor books, music and accessories e.g. reeds, valve oil, replacement strings etc. if necessary.

Loan of Instruments (only applicable in the case of brass and woodwind)
The academy has a limited stock of woodwind and brass instruments for the use of students receiving instrumental tuition in the academy. There is no charge for the loan of instruments. Allocation of instruments is subject to availability and need. Senior and/or more advanced students will generally be encouraged to purchase their own instrument. There is also the opportunity for students to come and practise their instrument during the appropriate enrichment time for those who are learning larger instruments or those who cannot yet have an instrument at home.

Conditions of Loan
The student and parent/carer agrees to take the utmost care to maintain the instrument and protect the instrument from loss, theft or damage. Any instructions on the care and maintenance of the instrument must be strictly observed. An instrument must never be played by any person other than the student to whom it is loaned – except with the express permission of the instrumental tutor. Instrument cases must never be opened in transit. If a student wishes to play a loaned instrument in orchestras, bands or organisations other than those run by academy, permission must be sought (in writing) from Ms Sellors. Instruments must be returned immediately to the instrumental tutor in any of the following circumstances:
-lessons are stopped
-a student leaves the academy
-the instrumental instructor or academy requires the instrument to be returned.

Loss or Damage
Loss or damage to the instrument must be reported immediately to the instrumental tutor. The parent/carer will be responsible for repairs that become necessary due to accidental or wilful damage. The parent/carer will be invoiced for the cost of any repairs, if appropriate. The parent/carer is advised to insure the instrument either through household insurance or specialised musical instrument insurance.

Having reviewed the terms in this Music Tuition Agreement, if you would like your child to have music lessons, please complete the following online form.
By completing this form, you consent for your information and request to be passed on to our relevant instrumental teacher and for them to contact you to set up the lessons for your child. They will be your point of contact for the instrumental lessons and will keep you informed of lesson timetabling and your child's progress. you have any questions you may also contact Ms Sellors, Head of Performing Arts via our website.
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If you would like your child to have more than one instrument lesson, then please select more than one instrument. However, please note that you will be charged for each lesson separately. If your child is entitled to free school meals and subsequently one free instrumental lesson, you will be charged for any additional instrument lessons you select. Please note, we do not currently have a woodwind or strings teacher, but would be delighted to if demand allows.
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Please read the confirmation below and write your full name below as signature in agreement of these terms: *
I understand and accept the following terms and conditions of learning: I understand that my commitment is to pay for the whole year of lessons, and I will give a term’s notice if my child wishes to give them up; I understand that I will be invoiced for lessons termly and in advance;I understand and support the expectations set out in the attached letter; that my son/daughter will attend lessons, school groups and practise their instrument; I am aware that lessons cannot start until payment has been received; I am happy for the contact details I complete below to be passed on to my child’s instrumental tutor and that once set up, I will maintain contact with them regarding the specifics of the lessons. I understand that should they miss lessons repeatedly and without reason that I will be invoiced for the missed lessons.
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