A Zero-Waste Grocery Store in DC? Tell us what you think!
We'd love to hear your thoughts on a zero-waste grocery store in Washington, DC. No more single-use plastic packaging. No more food waste. The best way to reduce waste is not to create it in the first place. Let's work together for a more sustainable city!
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1. Grocery shopping
Choosing from the list below, please select the three (3) factors most important to you when grocery shopping.
2. Making the switch
What, if anything, would help you switch to package-free grocery shopping?
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3. Products
Which of the following products would you be most interested in buying package-free or in redeemable containers?
4. Purchasing and delivery
Which purchasing and delivery options are you most interested in? Please select your top three (3) choices from the list below.
5. Suggestions and comments
Do you have any other suggestions to share? For example, specific products not mentioned above that you would like to purchase package-free, suggested local suppliers, concerns you might have about package-free shopping, ideas for co-locating the shop, etc.
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6. Finally, please tell us a bit about yourself!
In what neighborhood of DC do you live? *
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