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Participants must register for one session of each workshop. If for some reason you are unable to attend one session of each workshop and would still like to participate please email Dare Brawley (db2672@columbia.edu).

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Thinking Space: an Introduction to QGIS
This workshop will introduce participants to core concepts of geographic information systems (GIS) through the open source GIS software QGIS. Participants will learn how to create maps of existing spatial datasets, formulate and answer spatial questions, and design compelling maps.
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Data Space: Creating Spatial Data from Historical or Analog Sources
This workshop will introduce participants to methods for creating data for historical GIS applications. The workshop will cover how to give geographic coordinates (georeference) scanned historical maps using QGIS, as well as how to digitize (trace) features from this scanned map to create new shapefiles. These are two key ways of creating spatial data from historical or other sources. Additional online tools for georeferencing scanned maps will also be introduced.
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