MCQ: Mathematics: Quadratic Inequalities
inf denotes infinity
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Solve the inequality : 6x -x^ 2 >=0
Solve the inequality: x^2-10x+20>=9
A stuntman will jump off a 20 m building. A high-speed camera is ready to film him between 15 m and 10 m above the ground. When should the camera film him?
Solve the inequality: x^4 − 25x^2 + 144 < 0
When a baseball is hit by a batter, the height of the ball, h(t), at time t, t ≥ 0, is determined by the equation h(t) = −16t 2 + 64t + 4. For which interval of time is the height of the ball greater than or equal to 52 feet?
The profit, P, for manufacturing a wireless device is given by the equation P = −10x 2 + 750x − 9,000, where x is the selling price, in dollars, for each wireless device. What range of selling prices allows the manufacturer to make a profit on this wireless device?
A ball thrown in the has its height, in meters, described by the function h(t) = -5t 2 + 20t + 2, where time is measured in seconds. Determine to the nearest tenth for how long the ball is above 17m high.
solve the inequality: x^2 + 2x - 15 < 0
solve the inequality (40x-21)/x^2>=16
-6 ≤ x^2 - 5x ≤ 6
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