Kikicoin Official Airdrop Form
Welcome to the Kikicoin (KIKI) official airdrop where each successful applicant will receive 50,000KIKI out of a total 5,500,000,000KIKI earmarked for our moondrop, airdrop and bounty program.
Please ensure to follow all instructions in this form to be able to receive Airdropped Kikicoins.

COMPULSORY ACTIONS* (must be completed and will give you 50,000KIKI when completed)
1. Follow our twitter handle ( ) and sponsor company ( )
2. Favorite and Retweet our pinned post
3. Like and follow our facebook page at and also like and share pinned post
4. Like sponsor company facebook page at
5. Join our Telegram group at and sponsor channel at
6. Subscribe to Youtube channel - and youtube channel of sponsor company at

To get instant Kikicoin(KIKI), send ApolloCurrency (Apollo) to the specified address and in the order specified only to get 5x in Kikicoin and we will forward the appropriate in KIKI to the sending Apollo address.

Send 5,000Apollo(APL) and get 25,000Kikicoin(KIKI)
Send 10,000Apollo(APL) and get 50,000Kikicoin(KIKI)
Send 50,000Apollo(APL) and get 250,000Kikicoin(KIKI)
Send 100,000Apollo(APL) and get 500,000Kikicoin(KIKI)
Send 500,000Apollo(APL) and get 2,500,000Kikicoin(KIKI)
Send 1,000,000Apollo(APL) and get 5,000,000Kikicoin(KIKI)


If you do not have an Apollowallet and wish to participate in our instant moondrop for apollowallet members, then create a wallet at to participate. Please note that same 5,500,000,000KIKI earmarked for airdrop & bounty is also earmarked for this instant moondrop; so hurry before slots are filled.


Email address *
First Name *
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Last Name *
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Telegram ID *
Enter your Telegram username(e.g @xxxxxxxxx). This will be verified in order to receive Kikicoin, do not leave this group, if you have not joined, then join our Telegram channels ( ) and ( ) via the same username
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Twitter handle *
Enter your Twitter handle(e.g @xxxxxxxxx). This will be verified in order to receive Kikicoin. If you have not joined already, then join us on Twitter ( ) and like and retweet with a comment the pinned post; include the harshtags #Kikicoin #KIKI #Moondrop #Dawdle in your retweet; after this, follow our sponsor company on twitter ( )
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Retweet Link *
If you did not do this above, then like and retweet with a comment the pinned post at our twitter timeline include the harshtags #Kikicoin #KIKI #Moondrop #Dawdle in your retweet and enter retweet link below.
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Facebook Name *
Please enter your full name on facebook as it appears. (e.g Adam Pierce). If you have not liked our facebook page and shared our pinned post, please do so now. You must like our facebook page - and like facebbok page of sponsor company -
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Youtube Name
Subscribe to our YouTube channel and hit the bell icon if you find it - and youtube channel of sponsor company at and thereafter enter your full name on Youtube below
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How did you hear about Kikicoin? *
Telegram username of your referer
Enter telegram @ username of whoever showed you this form (use @kikicoinwallet if no referrer)
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Apollo Wallet Address *
This is your wallet address for receiving apollo and other apollo-backed tokens; usually in this format APL-####-####-#####. If you do not have an Apollowallet, create one at
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Any Comments and/or questions?
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The Kikicoin project in Brief
The Kikicoin (KIKI) project is a business directory currency that powers businesses on the business directory platform with application and use spreading to franchise, media, ecommerce, real estate, events and ticketing, jobs and freelance, agriculture, business social networking, business artificial intelligence, amongst other application in the client and business ecosystem.
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Haven't receive your instant moondrop?
If you haven't received your instant moondrop yet, contact us via telegram(@Kikicoinwallet) or facebook (@Kikicoinwallet)
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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