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Thank you for your interest in the Life of a Homeschool Mom affiliate manager position. The goal of this position is to help me capitalize on my existing affiliate relationships. The selected candidate would provide me with links to three homeschool-related products {from a list of companies that I will provide} and short social media blurbs about the products each weekday. So basically- I provide a list of companies that I have existing affiliate relationships with and from that list of companies you would choose three homeschool-related products for me to promote that day. You would send me the link to the product and a short, compelling social media blurb for me to copy and share. This work will take no longer than one hour per week. This position has the potential of turning into a position with more hours for the right candidate. Pay will be a set weekly rate. No commission. If you are interested, please complete the application. The application process will close on Wednesday 7/19 and the chosen candidate will be notified by 7/21.
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I understand that if selected for this position, I would be expected to send Heather the following by 11am EST each weekday: 3 homeschool-related affiliate deals and include a compelling social media blurb about the product that I can simply copy and share. *
I will keep an online spreadsheet which I will share with Heather that keeps a running list of which products are promoted on which days. *
I understand that Heather will provide me with a list of homeschool-related programs that she is currently an affiliate with and I may pull from this list. *
I understand that as time goes the duties and responsibilities of this position may change and Heather will discuss any necessary changes with me beforehand. *
I understand that all business-related discussions between Heather and myself are confidential. I understand that any business-related information {including but not limited to: earnings, commissions, account information, passwords, statistics, etc} that Heather shares with me, or that I obtain as part of my duties are to be kept strictly confidential. Failure to do so will result in immediate termination. *
What rate of pay do you expect for this position? I expect it will take no more than one hour per week. *
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