Chapter 7 Post Test
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Bone is a dynamic, living structure *
The wall of the diaphysis is composed mainly of spongy bone. *
The spaces in spongy bone help reduce the weight of the bone. *
Sutures in the skull are examples of fibrous joints. *
It is the bones of the axial skeleton that primarily provide protection for internal organs. *
Long bones are usually the fulcrum of a lever that produces movement. *
The function of yellow marrow is produce white blood cells. *
The pelvic girdle consist of the hip bones. *
The radius is located on the thumb (lateral) side of the forearm. *
What part of the bone do tendons and ligaments attach? *
Osteocytes with compact bone tissue are located in very small bony chambers called *
In compact bone, structures made of osteocytes and extracellular material, clustered concentrically around canals are known as *
Which of the following is NOT a function of bone? *
Which of the following is not normally found in bone? *
The finger and toe bones are called *
The fontanels of the infant skull mainly permit *
Which of the following is (are) NOT considered a part of the thoracic cage? *
Which of the following structures is NOT found in all synovial joints? *
Bending a joint so that the angle between the bones decreases is *
Moving a part toward the midline of the body is *
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