One Root One Communi-Tree (Phase2) 20 August - 30 November 2020
At the beginning of the year, EEG started the new decade with great enthusiasm and the hope that great strides will be achieved in the field of environmental sustainability. All over the world, people are rallying and uniting to contain and stall the impacts of climate change on the lives of people and the biodiversity as a whole. While the first half of the year left a somber note in our minds with the Covid-19 spreading through the communities across the world, it did leave us with great lesson to learn. People and governments were forced to rethink their views on capitalism, health care development and of course the environment. Communities came together in their isolation – uniting to combat this unexpected crisis. As human population grows and we encroach in to the wild to expand our ways of living, we have realized that no matter how intellectual we are, nature is unpredictable. We have witnessed pandemics, unprecedented wildfires, natural disasters, heat waves, droughts, floods, displacement of communities leading to refugee crisis and so on. Now more than ever it is imperative that we unite together and combat climate change.

Since inception of EEG some 30 years ago, we have advocated the importance of collaboration and working together to achieve sustainable progress. We are calling on everyone again to unite and participate in our Phase 2 of the “One Root, One Commini-tree” (OROC) project. The main aim of the project is to divert waste materials away from the landfill while engaging communities and giving the participants of the project a chance to plant indigenous trees, providing everyone in the nation with an great opportunity to take part in the afforestation efforts to combat desertification and reduce impacts of climate change.

OROC Phase 2 - 20 August 2020 to 30 November 2020.

You may choose to collect and deposit any or all of the mentioned recyclable materials detailed in the flyer within the specified time period of two weeks to qualify.

Those participants who are committed towards achieving the set targets within the time period this year will be eligible for:

• To receive a Certificate of Participation.
• To plant indigenous trees under their name in a public space in UAE on 20th December 2020.
• To receive Certificate of Achievement (the participant with the most recyclable collection under each category).
• To provide a quote to be posted on EEG social media platforms (highest achiever in each category).

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