IGNITE 2019 Program Application
Please complete and submit this application along with all required documents for Urban Restoration Enhancement Corporation's 2019 IGNITE Fellowship.

- Completed application
- Current high school transcript (attach/upload via this application)
- Copy of parent(s)/guardian 2018 Income Tax Return OR a copy of the last three paycheck stubs (attach/upload via this application)

Entrepreneurship Boot Camp
(June 19th – July 31st)
Monday - Friday, during the day

ACT Prep & College and Career Readiness
(September 3rd – November 13th)
Monday - Friday, after school

Urban Restoration Enhancement Corporation’s College and Career Ready Initiative is a 21st Century Community Learning Center that provides afterschool and summer learning programs with the support of sponsors. Institutes include the: ACT and College Admissions Prep Institute; Pre-Law Institute; Emergency Medical Responder Institute; and IGNITE Fellowship & Entrepreneurship Institute with a paid internship. Learn more at www.urecbr.com.

For more info about he IGNITE Fellowship, call 225-356-8871 or email info@urecbr.com.

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(Permission Statement): I give permission for my child to participate in the College & Career Ready Initiative's IGNITE Fellowship. I understand that to participate in the institute: (1) The student will be required to pass a background check and drug screening (all required notices will be provided at time of rendering); (2) We must submit the student’s final, year-end report card and information from the student’s math and ELA teachers (this information will remain confidential and will only be used for program reporting purposes); and (3) The student must maintain regular, on-time attendance (with the exceptions of illness or family emergencies). I pledge to work with my child and encourage his/her attendance and active participation. I certify that by entering my name in the box, the information given herein is complete true and accurate. *
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