Resume.Academy Questionnaire
It's time to position yourself for greatness! Let us help you shine! The following questionnaire is extensive, but it is also necessary in marketing you as an individual and highlighting your unique role in your profession. Remember, businesses aren't necessarily worried about what you can do or what duties you have completed. That's written in your job description. They want to know the result of those duties. They want to know the cause and effect, accomplishment versus achievements... And, we will help you create those!

Let’s talk more about achievements. For each position, tell me more about your leadership abilities, team interaction, collaboration, strategic partnerships, process improvements, innovations, discoveries, financial growth, budget and expenditure cuts, special techniques, etc. We need to add more accomplishments. Let’s show you are MORE than capable. ADDITIONALLY, we want you to list more duties for each position, because EVEN IF WE DON’T INCLUDE THEM, we can combine them in a creative w ay to show accomplishment through EVERY DAY activity. Don’t be afraid to get “Technical.” This is important for the position you are after.

✪ What did you ensure?
✪ What were the results?
✪ What did you establish?
✪ What did you impact?
✪ Why were YOU the one for this job?
✪ What did you influence?
✪ What were the cause and effects, both direct and indirect?
✪ What was essential to something else?
✪ How was this different?
✪ What challenges did you encounter?
✪ What did you strengthen?

Finally, we don't include anything beyond 10 years. This is against resume standards and can actually be damaging to your job search. We do, however, highlight those roles and positions of your past. SO, please include the ROLE - Company and no date. For reference, you can provide our team with the number of years tenure you have had in that position, so that it can be factored in -- if helpful. Certifications and training are an exception. We include dates there. We also include dates for education only through the year 2000.

That said, we highly appreciate your business and are excited to enter this collaborative process. If you have any trouble with this form, please contact

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