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*Please note:  Registration application needs to be accepted before you make your travel arrangements. Your dates are not secure until deposit is received. Deposit WILL BE REFUNDED to you if your application is not accepted at this time.

This is your registration application please complete this form and send it in with deposit

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Appointment Policy: Verbal reservations are made, and a deposit must be received within 24 hours. If your deposit is not received within that time your dates may be given to someone else. Please make sure that we receive your deposit before making airline reservations. Rates are subject to change. A non-refundable 50% deposit is required to reserve your time and space. The balance is due on your first day of your Pancha Karma program. We accept, Mastercard and Visa, and cash. Please understand that if you are late or don’t show for your scheduled treatments, you miss out on that time. *
I understand that Pancha Karma is not to be used in place of medical treatment, and that I should check with my doctor before making any changes to my diet or lifestyle. Pancha Karma is a program consisting of massages, and steam treatments and not a medical treatment for any medical condition. I agree to hold harmless, Darci Frankel, Hanalei Day Spa, Shanti Enterprises Inc., or any affiliated organization from any claims any heirs or I may make. By signing below, I agree that I am completely responsible for my physical, psychological health and well-being. This agreement is legal and binding. Print full name here means I agree to all the above. *
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