Travel Sustainability for Cellissimo - Cello Festival, Music for Galway
We are an interdisciplinary collaborative research team in the University of Galway working towards achieving festival sustainability in small scale regional festivals. This survey is designed to collect general information regarding travel methods to the Cellissimo festival taking place in various venues in Galway on 18 May 2024 - 26 May 2024. The survey results are entirely anonymous as it does not collect any personal information or data from respondents as it is strictly GDPR compliant. The sole purpose of the survey is to inform festival organisers so that they may assess the overall festival carbon footprint. Please complete if you have attended any of the Cellissimo events. We very much appreciate your time and input. Time to complete: 5 minutes 
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Where is the venue location for the event you are attending at the Cellissimo Festival? Please check all that apply
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If you are staying at a destination overnight to attend the festival, how many nights will you stay? Please enter a number only
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In kilometres, how far is your (one-way) commute distance to the festival venue? (Hint: Google maps may be useful to estimate distance. Please type a number ONLY into the box - e.g. "5" for 5 km). If you are travelling to more than 1 venue please indicate the distance to the farthest venue. *
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