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*** IMPORTANT - This JV offer is for Experienced High-Ticket Affiliate Marketers, ONLY! ***

Introducing … The QUIZ Funnel Masterclass => Brand New for 2021!

Last year, the QUIZ Funnel Masterclass sold over $8.59M.

And with over 12 months since we’ve made this available, we expect this QUIZ Funnel Masterclass to be even BIGGER.

This is a LIVE Online Training Program (based on our wildly successful $5K LIVE QUIZ Funnel Bootcamp…) which has sold over $2M+ in the past 24 months…

AND it includes EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to our UPDATED Bucket 2.0 ENTERPRISE QUIZ Funnel Software (the only way to get access to the software is through this special offer.)

AND even better than THAT?

With this offer, we’re going to BUILD THEIR QUIZ FOR THEM.

So, WHO is this offer for?

• Entrepreneurs who want to Generate More Leads & Customers Online…
• Anyone looking to Build Your List & Grow Your Audience profitably…
• Businesses owners who Sell Multiple Products or…
• Anyone who sells ONE product/service that potentially helps Different Types of People…
• Anyone who sells E-Comm, Information Products, Coaching, Consulting, & Affiliate Marketing
• And even Complete Beginners who are starting from scratch…

Why QUIZ Funnels?

#1: Incredibly CHEAP LEADS:
Often times 1/3 to 1/10th the cost. PROOF? We have customers who routinely
take their cost per lead from $5.00+ to under $0.50 through their QUIZ.

#2: Incredibly HIGH VOLUME:
Businesses moving to Quiz Funnels grow their list by 10-80X because of the
VOLUME of leads this strategy can produce. PROOF? We have customers who
have generated 1M+ email opt-ins in < 10 days (profitably) through their QUIZ.

#3: Incredibly VALUABLE DATA:
He/She who has the most DATA wins. QUIZ Funnels give you data about your
audience. PROOF? We have customers who have sold their businesses to
companies like NBC and PayPal for over $183M on the back of their QUIZ.

#4: Incredibly HIGH CONVERSION:
Data allows you to customize your COPY and OFFER based on a person’s Quiz
Answers. This can often 2-3X your conversion rates. PROOF? We have Inc 500
companies that have TRIPLED their revenue, making $24M through their QUIZ.

#5: Better SELL and Better SERVE:
YOU win. But MOST importantly, your customer WINS because you’re delivering
the best fit content, product, and offer that’s customized to THEIR situation.


Over $32M. 4 Million+ Email Subscribers.

• We are a 3-Time Inc. 5000 Company. Including #50 Fastest Growing Education Company in the United States.
• We’ve used this strategy to generate over $32M across 23 different markets building an audience of over 4.1M email subscribers across our businesses.
• Over 30 Million+ users have completed a bucket.io® QUIZ Funnel in the past 12 months worldwide.
• Our work has been featured across national media including Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, Inc., Entrepreneur, USA Today & Forbes, as well as on national TV including NBC News & Fox News.



The QUIZ Funnel Masterclass ($5,000 Value)

This LIVE 6-Week Online Training Program is based on our $5,000 LIVE (inperson) Quiz Funnel Bootcamp. We’ve sold over $1M+ of that program in the last 12 months, and we’re bringing it online, teaching this LIVE.

This online masterclass will include LIVE Q&A Calls, Funnel Reviews, and a 90-Day Private FB Group. LAST YEAR this masterclass sold over $8.59M. We expect this year’s QUIZ Masterclass to be even BIGGER.

This LIVE 6-Week QUIZ Funnel Masterclass will be delivered through our custom-built, state-of-the-art “smart” LMS platform.

Training Outline:
• Module 1: Your Quiz Hook
• Module 2: Your Quiz Questions
• Module 3: Your Post-Quiz Offer
• Module 4: Your Quiz Pages
• Module 5: Your Traffic Strategy
• Module 6: Optimization & Beyond

Training Includes:
• LIVE Q&A Calls (Recordings avail)
• LIVE Funnel Reviews (Recordings avail)
• Step-by-Step Checklists & Templates
• Examples! Ultimate Quiz Swipe File
• Support Private Course FB Group
• LIFETIME Access to the Training


NEW! Bucket 2.0 ENTERPRISE ($4,500 Value)

We’ve been working on upgrading this software for the past 12 months. The ONLY way to get ACCESS to the only AI-driven ENTERPRISE QUIZ Funnel Software is through THIS Quiz Funnel Masterclass offer.

This software has been sold STARTING at a $2,000 setup fee + $200/mo, but the setup fee is WAIVED and is only $99/mo after the initial 30 days for buyers of this offer. Fully integrates with over 87+ marketing software tools.


We BUILD Their QUIZ for THEM ($5,000 Value)

Yep, that’s RIGHT.

We call this one the “MOAB”. As in, The Mother Of All Bonuses.

For buyers of this offer, we are going to BUILD their quiz for them. This is HUGE.

Simply give us content, copy, and quiz questions and we’ll handle the rest.

We’ve charged $5K for this service in the past.

How are we doing this? Are we INSANE?

The truth is that we LOSE a bit of money up front by doing this. But the REASON we’re including this SUPER bonus is because we want to make a HUGE SPLASH with our NEW 2.0 software and create a GALLERY of killer QUIZ Funnels.

The fastest way to do that is to REMOVE the “tech obstacle” (and objection) out of buyers’ minds, and handle all the tech for them.

We also know that if a user BUILDS a successful quiz, they remain an active software user for life. So we’re willing to lose money on the front end to help deliver that result, and make it up over time through customer retention.


The QUIZ Funnel Masterclass

Full Pay
1 Payment of $1999 (+$99/mo starting in 30 days)

Pay Plan
3 Payments of $799 (+$99/mo starting in 30 days)

14 Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

All we ask is that they complete the course work from Module 1 to show us that they at least gave it a try. If after completing the
work from Module 1 they decide that the course isn’t for them, they need only let us know and they'll receive a swift and full refund.



CHALLENGE: Choose Ask BUILD (Jun 5-12)
This FREE 5-Day Challenge is designed to help beginners CHOOSE their market and ASK what they want, and gear up to BUILD their funnel via the QUIZ Funnel Workshop. This phase ends with the “What Type of Funnel is Right for You?” Quiz.


WORKSHOP: QUIZ Workshop (Jun 13-20)
This is a LIVE 3-PART PLF Pre-Launch. PLC 1 (Mon, Jun 14), PLC 2 (Wed, Jun 16), PLC 3 (Fri Jun 18) with LIVE Q&A sessions in between each session (Tue/Thu/Sat). This phase ends with the Early Bird (EB) Sales Webinar (Jun 20) and Open Cart.


OPEN CART: Webinars/Livestream (Jun 21-27)
This week-long OPEN CART (Jun 21) phase will feature a BIG WEBINAR (Tue, Jun 22), ALL-DAY LIVESTREAM (Thu, Jun 24) and student SUCCESS PANEL. This phase culminates with CART CLOSE Sunday night at 11:59PM US PT.


• $1 Million+ in CASH Prizes & Commission
• $100,000 1st Place Sales Contest CASH Prize
• 40% Commission ($800+ per sale)
• Get Paid FAST (We pay in < 14 Days)


The opportunity to promote the QUIZ Funnel Masterclass is by INVITATION ONLY.

If you would like to apply to become an affiliate, please fill out the form below and hit submit for further instructions.


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